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About us


Development Dimensions Society Organization is a not for profit, non-religious and nonpolitical organization working for the uplift of the marginalized communities through creating conditions where they have access to equal rights, opportunities to live a quality and respectable life. The organization is implementing various projects in Pakistan on Education, Child Rights, Youth & Women Empowerment, Human Rights and Emergency Response.

We believe that a lot of work has been done in development sector, which still needs to be explored and put together for integrated / sustainable development in Pakistan. Therefore, DDS is striving to build partnerships with local and international organizations, to avoid duplication and for proper utilization of development resources in Pakistan.




“An equitable society for children and Youth wherein they avail equal opportunities to harness their full potential to become socially responsible citizens who fulfill their rights and obligations.”





To strengthen and develop youth particularly young women, communities, CBOs and government organizations in various disciplines for sustainable development in Pakistan by 2025.





Development Dimensions Society strives for the development of youth, children and communities through:


·         Human Rights for all; including Child/Women/Labor Rights by Promote advocacy and awareness for Human Rights and Address the issues of special people through trainings, social media, theater, social mobilization, awareness campaign and advocacy.

·         Livelihood for low income communities by Youth and women empowerment through entrepreneurship and establishment of technical and vocational institute for females.

·         Quality Improvement of Formal & Non-Formal Education by providing “Quality education for every child”.

·         Promoting safe and congenial environment through promoting the concept of recycling

·         Communal health and hygiene to permute health conscience, Health education, Public health awareness and provide medical aid through medical camps.

·         Creating congenial environment for growth and development through; Bridging gaps between public, communal and private institutions, Arrange Public Private Partnerships through advocacy and awareness, Human and institutional development for research and knowledge management, Strengthen local and international linkages, Proactively involving stake holders to mutually decide and share their roles and responsibilities, develop Research and development department for research and analysis, Publish reports magazine, journals, periodicals and surveys, To cooperate with other societies/ foundations of similar nature and of the similar type already established.





At Development Dimensions Society, we work together to and;


·         Strive to exceed our community’ expectations, by recognizing and anticipating their needs;

·         Meet challenging but achievable organization’s objectives and financial goals, with well-planned and clearly communicated strategies;

·         Continually improve DDS’s image in the communities around Pakistan, through the promotion of creative ideas, and the development of targeted, innovative projects;

·         Encourage a winning spirit and a positive working environment through the development of supportive, appreciative, and rewarding working relationships;

·         Reward creativity, innovation, and risk-taking Recognize diversity by treating individuals with respect and dignity.




·         Innovation and improvement of activities and systems;

·         Commitment to quality;

·         Employee , recognition development/lifelong learning;

·         Teamwork (collaboration, shared decision making within and between divisions) Integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior;

·         Respect for individuals and their differences; high quality of work life.




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